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  • 18591km e.V.
    Around the world numerous walls are still being constructed. 18591km has selected fourteen of these walls for their project. These are walls, which, like the former Berlin Wall, separate and isolate people from the outside world.

    18591km wants to call attention to those people who often seem to be forgotten by our society. They raise awareness to the struggle between remembering and forgetting  – the struggle to remember something that we wish never had happened in the first place.

  • International Women Space
  • SUSI Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum
  • Yalla Arabi
  • interkular


  • SONED e.V.
  • 18591km
  • Spielwagen 1035 e.V.


  • zwischenraum e.V.
  • Yalla Arabi
  • Feldfinder